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Incoming Texan! - Columbus, GA LJ Community
Incoming Texan!
Hello Everyone,

My name is Sammi and I will be moving to the Columbus area in 2 months and I have started searching for a house to rent. I have a few questions for people who live in Columbus/Phenix City area.

A) What are some good area's to look for to rent? ( I am looking to spend about 550 - 750 a month for rent. Houses only no apartments.)

B) What is the average price of utilities? (IE, Gas/Water/Electric)

C) Is there any rental companies we should shy away from?

I have lived in Texas all my life so I am not to sure about what I need to know about this new area.

Thanks Everyone!

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aya1081 From: aya1081 Date: April 9th, 2008 12:05 am (UTC) (Link)
(a) when i moved here in 2006, i was told to stay away from areas south of macon road. i'm not sure this is entirely accurate advice, but its a good place to start.

(b)i'm on budget billing for ga power now at $41/month which is a decent average of what i use each month. i'm sure you're used to the heat. it was 100+ for about 3 weeks here during the summer last year, so a place w/ ceiling fans is crucial. i get basic cable and internet from mediacom for around $70/mo. don't pay water.

(c) yes, yes, YES! the ones i can think of offhand are: turman, checker properties, jo-mar, fountain city realty, buck hamilton. if i think of more, i'll add them later.

good luck and welcome to columbus.
koma_chan From: koma_chan Date: April 9th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Finishing up school, myself. I lived at Willow Creek for a good couple of years. They give military and student discounts, and the staff are good people. There's a police officer who lives at the apartments, and in general, the police are good about patrols there. It is on Buena Vista road, which IS south of Macon Rd, but I didn't have a problem there, so I doubt you would.

Of course, those are apartments, and I just reread, you don't want that. XD

I'm also from Texas, so welcome to the area. :)

You might look into a small house in the historic district, which is close to downtown (and the riverwalk), but I don't know how safe it is. When I was looking for a place, I was considering the area around 13th street and Peacock (near the park there), but I ended up moving back to ATL.

Good luck with the move!
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